About Us

The Make a Difference campaign is presented by Good News Productions International-Africa (GNPI-Africa) as a public service project for the people of Africa. GNPI-Africa is a Christian NGO, located in Nairobi, Kenya, involved in the production of culturally appropriate teaching and evangelistic materials for use throughout Africa. GNPI-Africa has produced video programs for distribution in local retail and Christian outlets and for broadcast on television stations throughout the continent.


GNPI-Africa is one in a network of production centers around the world which are operated by Good News Productions, International (www.gnpi.org) located in Joplin, Missouri, USA. Sponsored by the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ in the United States, the GNPI-Africa facility shares resources and productions with centers in Joplin, India, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, the Ukraine, and Eagle Pass, Texas for Spanish-speaking people. The work of GNPI reaches 104 countries, producing materials for many different languages and people groups. Good News Productions International – Africa has been accredited by the Stewardship and Accountability Commission of the Association of Evangelicals in Africa.