Many parts of this movie were shot on location at Christian’s Haven and all of the children living there at the time the movie was shot were a part of the movie in some way. The first Sunday on location – on the Philippine island of Mindanao – everyone from Christians’ Haven came down from Manticao to the little beach community where the cast and crew were staying for the duration of the shooting. They came for worship (led by the pastors and kids themselves). The cast and crew learned Christians’ Haven’s theme song “One Way Jesus” by Hillsong. They danced to it at that first worship service, and it was heard over and over again during the stay there.

A typical day began with breakfast at 6:00 a.m.  This was either a somber or a cheerful event depending on how difficult and trying the previous day had been, but it was always peppered with yawns and moans, and stretches, laughter, and cheery “Magandang umaga.” (“Good Morning” in the local language.)

Devotions would begin around 6:30 a.m. – led by a member of the cast or crew. This was the real daily bread, and the only way to jumpstart the day. The devotions were personal and funny, theological and practical, sentimental and entertaining, enlightening and uplifting – but always straight from the heart.

At 7:00 a.m., the group would leave for the shooting location.  En route, they would play Twenty Questions, learning little details about each other, like favorite colors, favorite movies, and what each one did outside of making movies.  After an exhausting day of shooting, the cast and crew would return to their home away from home for supper, a little fun, and finally sleep.

Sticking to the schedule was a big issue because of the actor’s “real lives.” All Things New was shot in both English and Tagalog (the local Philippine language), so shooting double scenes made sticking to the schedule even more difficult.  But, much to everyone’s delight (and a whole lot of thanksgiving), and in spite of rain and high water, they finished shooting on the scheduled day!

Co-Producer, Luna Grino-Inocian shares her personal insight:

“All Things New is all about Christians’ Haven and, in the end, the experience was all about being a part of the life of Christians’ Haven – interacting with the kids and the staff, getting a first hand glimpse of how they lived and what they did on a day to day basis, getting to work with them and talk to them, spending time with them, getting to really know them – seeing them not as just the subjects of our movie but as human beings wonderfully transformed by God’s grace.

They say street kids are harsh and bitter, but I personally got to meet warm, affectionate, helpful kids . . .  sometimes shy, sometimes funny, sometimes moody . . .  kids I will never ever forget . . .  and kids we hope you will all get to know a little more when you see All Things New.”