Luna Grino-Inocian has worked her way up through the ranks from stage hand to stage manager and from front-of-house management to Administrative, Public Relations & Marketing Officer of Trumpets, one of the Philippine’s foremost theatre companies.  She is also an accomplished playwright.  She and her fellow C. S. Lewis enthusiast, Jaime del Mundo, (script writer for All Things New) have written a full-length musical adaptation of Lewis’ children’s classic, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. This was quickly followed by musical versions of Hans Christian Andersen’s, Little Mermaid and Oscar Wilde’s, The Young King – also critically acclaimed pieces.

Luna is now in demand as a writer for events, corporate brochures, storybooks, comic books, and until recently, had a weekly theatre column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.  In addition to all of this, Luna continues to work as production manager for Sword Philippines.