Screenplay Writer

Jaime del Mundo has been working professionally in the theatre since 1978 when he joined the Repertory Philippines. Starting with a small acting role in The Shadow Box, he soon graduated to playing supporting and lead roles in more than 50 plays. His directorial career began in 1989 with Peter Brook’s The Story Of Carmen. He quickly followed up with Hard Times with Dramatis Personae, and touring productions of Macbeth and Hamlet produced by Actor’s Actors Inc. (AAI), a company Jaime and some colleagues began. Jaime has been sought after as a director by opera and theater companies outside the Philippines in Singapore and Malaysia and has worked on many productions too numerous to list.

In addition to acting, writing, and directing, Mr. Del Mundo also teaches workshops and has recently branched out into writing musicals. He co-wrote the stage plays, The Lion The Witch And The Wardrobe, Little Mermaid and The Young King for the Christian theatre group Trumpets.  (Trumpets is Asia’s first professional Gospel theater company.) This accomplished and talented actor/writer/director has even co-written and directed a play that was performed, most memorably, before the inmates in the Muntinglupa prison (Philippines). Mr. Del Mundo has also worked on the screenplay of the Mongolian Christian film Stain. His production of The Little Mermaid will be seen in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in mid 2007, and he is currently at work on the screenplay, Jumpshot.