Pastor Rico

Dido dela Paz plays the part of Pastor Rico (who used to be a cop). His acting credits are numerous, as he has sung, danced and/or acted in over 100 plays. He began his acting career in 1976 with the Reperatory Philippines, where he was a resident actor. In 1984, he broadened his horizons by doing plays for Teatro Pilipino. Until 1990, he was a resident actor there too. In the 1990s, Dido started such films as A Dangerous Life, Dark’s Tide, and The Jungle, and commercials for both local and foreign productions. Dido has also been the voice of such Philippine cartoons as Voltes V and Mekanda Robot.

In All Things New, Pastor Rico is not popular with the street children, having been a cop. He truly cares about these kids but has a rough way of showing it. Dido identified with Pastor Rico and some of his struggles. Dido came to know the Lord in 1987, when the late actor Nestor de Villa shared the Gospel with him on the fire escape of a building, during a shoot for a movie. His Christian life has not been easy. He has struggled with drug abuse and spent a year in rehab. It was an extremely painful time for him, but he won the battle and stayed on as teacher/mentor for the next four years.