Mayen Bustamante Cadd
Angelica is played by Filipino actess, Mayen Bustamante Cadd. Mayen is a talented theatre actress who is respected in the Philippine theatre industry.

Director – Steve Cadd
Steve Cadd is head of the Philippines office of Sword Productions, a production company dedicated to serving the Christian community by delivering culturally relevant, cost effective productions.

Alex Compton
Ken Oosting is played by Alex Compton. Casting Ken proved to be problematic at first. Caucasian actors in the Philippines are rare.

Co-Producter – Luna Grino-Inocian
Luna Gino-Inocian has worked her way up through the ranks from stage hand to stage manager and from front-of-house management to Administrative, Public Relations & Marketing Officer.

Rio Locsin
Rio Locsin is an award winning film and TV actress in the Philippines. She was very eager to do a Christian project. Rio plays the part of Pastor Rico’s wife, Luz.

Screenplay Writer – Jaime del Mundo
He has been working professionally in the theatre since 1978 when he joined the Tepertory Philippines. Satrting with a small acting role, he sooon graduated to playing supporting actor.

Dido dela Paz
Dido dela Paz plays the part of Pastor Rico (who use to be a cop). His acting credits are numerous, as he has sung, danced and/or acted in over 100 plays.

Producer – Nenette Pacoli
Born in a remote province just north of Manila, Philippines, Nenette Pacoli learned the basics of production when she worked as a student in a commercial television station in Manila.

Red Concepcion, David Palero, Jay Pangilinan, Chevy Mercado
In preparation for this film, Chevy, Rd, Jay and David wore raggedy clothes, dirtied themselves and walked the streets of Manila spending time with actual street children.

Composer of Music – John thomas Oaks
John thomas Oaks loves Jesus Christ more than anything else. He has studied music under Jane Perry, Fay Adams, Donald Brown, and Jerry Coker.